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Broken Bones
Have you suffered a broken bone in an accident caused by the carelessness of others?

There are many accidents in Texas, every single day, which result in broken bones. A broken bone injury is one of the most severe non-life-threatening injuries a person can endure. If treated incorrectly, the bone many not heal properly which can forever alter the ability of the victim’s limb or that portion of their body. Additionally, broken bones are extremely painful.

Types of fractures
The adult body has more than 200 bones all of which are subject to fracture under the right circumstances. The types of breaks that the human skeleton may incur as quite varied as well, including Single Fractures. A single fracture occurs when a bone is broken in a single location. Complete Fracture: A complete fracture occurs when the bone breaks into two separate pieces. Bending Fracture A bending fracture occurs when the bone bends without actually cracking. This rarely happens in adults because our bones become rigid and brittle. However, children experience this quite often as their bones are more pliable. Hairline Fracture: A hairline fracture occurs when the break is extremely thin and the bone has not broken all of the way through. This is very similar to a teacup that has a noticeable crack but does not leak. Greenstick Fracture. When the bone bent and the outer radius of the bend (the side of the bone in tension) is broken, the inner radius (the side of the bone in compression) is only bent, but not to the point of breaking.. This is a common occurrence in child injuries, but not as common with adults as the bone usually breaks without as much bend. Open Fracture: When the bone breaks and is misaligned as to punch through the skin. This type of broken bone usually only occurs under conditions of tremendous stress such as those common in a car accident or falling accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a broken bone due to the negligence of others, our Texas attorneys can help you get all that you are entitled to. Insurance companies love to drag a claim out as long as they can (that way the money sits in the bank earning interest). Meanwhile, you may not be getting the healthcare required to make certain that your bone heals properly with no long-term side effects. The experienced Texas personal injury law attorneys of our Firm can help you. Practice Areas: Car Accidents – Trucking Accidents – On the Job Injuries – Wrongful Death – Construction Accidents – Boating Accidents – Premises Liability

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