The 2016 presidential campaigning and race was a real slog. There was debate after debate subsequently – New Hampshire town hall after the presidential primary debate.

There is New Hampshire and Iowa. Nevada, then South Carolina and then Alabama.

There is no need to worry. We have gathered the important dates in 2016.

February 25, 2016 (Thursday): CNN, Telemundo, and National Review sponsor Republican debate. It took place in Houston.

February 27, 2016 (Saturday): The Democratic primary takes places in South Carolina.

March 01, 2016 (Tuesday): Contests in several states. It is referred as Super Tuesday. It includes large delegate hauls like Virginia, Georgia, and Texas.

March 03, 2016 (Thursday): Fox News sponsors Republican Debate. It will take place in Detroit.

March 05, 2016 (Saturday): Caucuses in Nebraska, Maine, Kentucky, and Kansas together with primary in Louisiana.

March 06, 2016 (Sunday): Democratic debate in Mich (Flint). CNN sponsors the debate together with the Republican primary that will take place in Puerto Rico and Democratic caucuses taking place in Maine.

March 08, 2016 (Tuesday): Republican caucuses in Idaho and Miami alongside with primaries in Mississippi and Michigan.

March 09, 2016 (Wednesday): The Washington Post and Univision sponsor Democratic Debate (Miami).

March 10, 2016 (Thursday): CNN sponsors Republican discussion in Florida, and Republican caucuses will take place in the United States Virgin Islands.

March 15, 2016 (Tuesday): Primaries in Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois and Florida.

March 22, 2016 (Tuesday): Caucuses in Utah and Idaho and Primary in Arizona.

March 26, 2016 (Saturday): Democratic caucuses in Washington state, Hawaii, and Alaska.


Andy Murray is a professional Scottish tennis player. He is currently in No. 2 world ranking. Andy Murray started to play tennis when he was just three years old. He started to play in tournaments at the age of five. While he was eight years old, he started to play league tennis. Since 2011, he started to step into quarter-finals in all the grand slam tournaments.

Andy Murray relaxes on his sofa while a team of interviewers starts to shoot numerous questions. He was seen in London (Queens Club). Though it was dark and cold outside, Andy Murray had practiced tough at Wimbledon. When he was answering questions, he looked in the sunny and relaxed mood. He seems to pass his time relaxedly as he has become a father recently that is this month.

Murray feels excited when he talks about his daughter Sophia. He told that everything changed on the first day Sophia was born. He added that it was surprising for him to see the time going. He commented when he saw the photo he taught she is five days old, then five weeks and now time is going, and everything is changing as it is.

Sophia is just three weeks and twenty-eight years talented tennis player Andy Murray has become a father since three weeks. He told that Sunday morning was surprising since Sophia was born on that day. He has recently lost against Novok Djokovik – dominant player in the world in the Australian Open final.

He was in a tight situation where he had to accept his defeat, think about his pregnant wife and concerned on her father – Niger Sears. He got collapsed in Melbourne. In that time, Murray was winning third round tennis match.

Murray is understanding and nostalgic when remembering the challenges of more unknown times. He added that Mark Petchey was his coach. He told that he was not in San Jose. Mark Petchey came directly while he was going to the tournament in Memphis. Mark came out, and Kim went home. He told that those days he used to travel only with Mark. It was a team effort- Mark and Kim. He added that Mark is the best coaches he had seen ever in his life. He has coached him for about nine months. He told that he enjoyed working with him. He did not have a place to stay in London, so it seems that he used to stay with Kim and his family.