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If you’ve ever wondered why some blogs and websites have a small icon (16×16, 32×32 or 64×64) in the address bar you’ve found the right tutorial. Today we are going to show you 2 methods to create your own icon (favicon.ico) for your tech blog. The first method will be done by using the FavIcon Generator on which can be found here. This method is very simple and only requires that you have either a gif, jpg, png or bmp image with a maximum file size of 150.00kB. Simply select the image you want to use for your icon based on those guidelines and click their Create Icon button – wallah, a download link for your favicon.ico will be given.

Create the favicon.ico file using the DynamicDrive FavIcon Generator

Save the favicon.ico file to your computer

Login to your web space via FTP

Upload the favicon.ico file to the root directory of your FTP (example httpdocs or public_html)

Add the following code to your header.php file in the HEAD section

If you are using The Thesis Theme for WordPress, simply add the code above in Thesis options / Header Scripts

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get your favicon up and running on your tech blog. The change should be instant, but it might require that your empty the cache in your web browser. From my experiences IE and Google Chome update the favicon almost instantly after refreshing the page, but I’ve had Firefox take up to a couple days before the change goes into effect. The second method for creating a favicon.ico file requires that you have Adobe Photoshop.

Download the ICO (Windows Icon) Format for Adobe Photoshop here.

Extract the zip file

Locate the “File Formats” folder inside your Photoshop Plugins folder

On Windows move the ICOFormat.8bi file to this folder / on OS X/Classic move the icoformat (CS2/Mac version is ICOFormat_cs2.plugin) / on 68K MacOS X, icoformat (68K)

Quit Photoshop, relaunch. Sometimes you might need to restart the machine for the change to take effect

Create a new Photoshop file either 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixels, design your icon and when you are done click save – you will now be able to save the image as an ico file from the drop down list

Login to your web space via FTP

Upload the favicon.ico file to the root directory of your FTP (example httpdocs or public_html)

Add the following code to your header.php file in the HEAD section

If you are using The Thesis Theme for WordPress, simply add the code above in Thesis options / Header Scripts

Congratulations, you now have a custom favicon created in Adobe Photoshop. If you have any questions about creating or setting up the favicon.ico file for your WordPress tech blog please feel free to leave a comment below. We are always here to help and it’s our goal at TechBlogStartup to make your blogging as simple and straightforward as possible.


South Carolina voters have given Donald Trump a massive victory under Republican Primary, and now it is the Democrat’s turn. We have shared important information regarding today’s competition in Palmetto State.

Who have high chances to win?

The candidates have been campaigning for the last few months. It is coming to end as the election dates have neared. Hillary Clinton occupies an average place that is twenty-five points above Bernie Sanders. These inputs were found in South Carolina.

When will you get the results?

Polls in South Carolina is open from 7.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. If the margin remains wide as mentioned, there are chances to expect the best winner after the polls.

Hillary Clinton is a popular American politician. Many voters are not sure whether Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would win the poll. This time, the competition remains tight, and there remain equal chances for both the participants.

Hillary Clinton is the owner of the title ‘First Lady of the United States.’ She got this title when Clinton was in tenure between 1993 and 2001. William Bill Jefferson Clinton is the husband of Hillary Clinton. He is the forty-second president of United States.

Bernie Sanders is the United States Senator (junior) from Vermont and an American politician. He is appearing for the Democratic nomination as a candidate for President this year. He is the longest helping Independent in the United States.

Both Hillary Clinton, who is the past secretary of state and businessman Donald Trump enjoys comfortable position after campaigning. Many voters are still confused and have not decided their choices. It is said that they may even skip the committees together.

Survey results

57c064438e81c.imageA survey was taken and has released an interesting news. Clinton remains to be in leading position with 33%. Clinton’s opponent is expected to get 23% of votes. These results were based upon the respondents to the survey. Almost about 44% told that they have not decided their leader.

What is expected after Saturday?

March 1 is ‘Super Tuesday’. Around eleven states will be holding Democratic contests. The primaries include Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama and caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado.

It is expected that Clinton would win around the Southern States. Sanders is expected to win in New England. There could be strong finishes in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Sanders recently campaigned in Kansas City, Mo. He requested the supporters to the group on his behalf.

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Dave Hart is the Athletic Director of Tennessee. He stood for the football coach and supported the coach on Thursday. He told that the sports department does not restrict disciplinary process of the school. A lawsuit was filed against athletes for sexual assault complaints. After two weeks of filing, Dave Hart clearly told the reporters that he trusts his coach.

Hart told that he trusted Butch Jones discreetly. He added that he know his work ethics and what kind of person he is. Butch Jones has done several good things for the university and has signified the university in better ways. Hart told that Butch Hones performed beyond the expectations of the University, and he is the one who developed the athletic department in the University.

There was a complaint filed against Jones on Wednesday. It was stated the Drae Bowles have assisted a woman. Drae Bowls is a Tennessee football player. The woman had been raped by two players, and the teammates have attacked her later time. It was said that Jones had betrayed the team.

tennessee-footballWhen enquired with Jones. Jones told that he helped Drae Bowls and did not know much after that. Hart added that he could not mention the name of the victims and he feels sorry for the rape case. He shared his sympathy and empathy for affected victims and other sexual victims across the country.

Sexual assault has become common these days. It is now seen in the majority of sports and other cultural fields. It is the reason women feel hard to succeed in the sports category. Hart told that he was not the jury and judge. It is the responsibility of the officials to investigate and find the real person. He told that is not his role to find the person. He does not engage in investigations.

In Nashville, a lawsuit was filed on February 09, 2016 regarding the sexual assault issue. When Hart was speaking to the media, almost around twenty students joined for protest. The students were carrying signs. The message in the sign was ‘Stop UT Race Culture’. They recited ‘Vote for Jane.’ In the complaint, it has stated that Bowles was suffering from the bloody lip. It was said that Curt Maggitt- his teammate had stamped him in his mouth the previous day. Marlin Lane and Geraldo Orta his other teammates have comforted him the following day.

Bowles had informed to Jones that he has been punched by Curt Maggitt. Jones has told that he feels disappointed about the issue. He added that the receiver had ditched the team. It was stated that Jones had spoken to Bowles for several hours to say sorry for his comments.

Hart said in the press meet that he feels concerned on a deep note.

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